A day at the beach. You’re enjoying the light and warmth of the sun under the palm trees. Your umbrella provides shade, just as you like it. You feel at ease. A drink next to your day bed, a snack, you can give your body a treat. Will you briefly cool in the shower, or jump off the boardwalk into the sea? Maybe later. The time has stood still. There is no reason to get up. It’s your day at the beach.

The Coral Beach Club is located on the sunny west coast of the peninsula Babin kuk close to the five-star Hotel President, Valamar Group. In generous distance the cruise liners are passing by on their way to the port. A much more spectacular play offers itself to you every night when you watch as the deep red sun sinks into the sea on the horizon. Urban legend has it that the women of Dubrovnik right here waved their seafaring husbands goodbye and waited longingly for their return.

Sophisticated luxury awaits you at the Coral Beach Club. Your feet will love the feeling when they are caressed by fine sand like pearls on bare skin. The king size single and double day beds with comfortable cushions provide the perfect base for pleasant relaxation. The overall design of the Coral Beach Club epitomizes a contemporary blend of Mediterranean sophistication and subtropical serenity.